ST. PAUL, Minn., Feb. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Announcing the launch of OppSource Aptitude, a Customer Engagement platform powered by machine learning. By marrying their sales engagement platform with cutting edge machine learning technology, OppSource is able to create a platform to facilitate a holistic sales experience for a variety of sales professionals.

Managers will now be able to see precisely what their best performers are saying and asking customers and use these insights to coach their underperformers, directly impacting the sales pipeline. «Sales executives have been trying to shift the sales talent curve for ages.  But in the end, all the sales training investments, all the coaching and mentoring all too often ends up with oversimplified rep insights and cryptic notes stored in the CRM,» says OppSource CEO & Co-Founder Mark Galloway.

Traditional Sales Engagement tools up to this point put the focus on automating and generating more activity for sales representatives: more emails, more calls, more social outreach, and more voicemails; more done in the same amount of time. OppSourceAptitude focuses on equipping Sales teams with a solution that does better, not just more. The Aptitude solution analyzes conversation data and delineates important follow-up commitments that will lead to more conversations and drive sales opportunities to close. Sales leadership will now have a precise and unbiased view into the important factors of a deal, such as:

  • If there is a real motivation for buying
  • What the actual decision process is and who needs to be brought in
  • Actionable data and insights that lead to more up-sell or cross-sell
  • Lead sentiment that indicates buying probability 

About OppSource: For over 8 years, OppSource has accelerated pipelines for large B2B companies by deploying their state-of-the-art engagement solutions. Aptitude is the revolutionary next step in customer engagement, which will allow companies to not only automate and orchestrate pursuit but also harness the value of every customer and prospect conversation. 


Sam McCue, Inbound Marketing Manager
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