MINNEAPOLIS, June 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — ONCE®, the world’s only supplier of research-based agricultural lighting systems, has confirmed their BioShift® Pass-Through Germicidal UV Chamber can efficiently decrease the possibility of a porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) viral outbreak.

While previous research demonstrated the efficacy of the BioShift® to disable PED and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus in laboratory settings, the latest trials were focused on real-world scenarios.  With the cooperation of a major swine producer in southwestern Minnesota, day-old pigs were exposed to items that had been contaminated with a field isolate of the PED virus. One group was subjected to items directly (control), while the second group was subjected to items after UV-C treatment in the BioShift® chamber. After five days, the pigs were assessed for development of disease by tissue pathology at the University of Minnesota. Although 100 percent of the control group developed an active PED infection, none of the pigs exposed with BioShift® chamber-treated items developed a detectable infection. 

«Our previous work gave us confidence in the efficacy of the BioShift® chamber, but we felt it was necessary to close the loop on the research using a farm-based bioassay,» stated Dr. Aaron Stephan, director of biological research & development at ONCE®. «We wanted to ensure that the use of the BioShift® chamber meaningfully improves bio-security within a facility. Our research clearly demonstrates the efficacy of the BioShift® chamber for reducing the import of potentially lethal pathogens into a swine facility,» added Dr. Stephan.

About ONCE®

Once Innovations Inc. (ONCE®) is the world’s only supplier of research-based animal-centric lighting systems. ONCE® applies photo-biology and optogenetics findings to develop innovative technology in agricultural lighting, biosecurity and hatchery markets to enhance performance and improve welfare. ONCE® agricultural lighting systems are used by the world’s largest makers of open community chicken, layer and swine housings. Founded in 2009, the Minnesota-based company is led by lighting industry veteran Zdenko Grajcar. For more information, please visit www.once.group.

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