MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The music collective Emerald Suspension has released a pair of recordings in honor of influential artists who have established new paths for experimental and electronic music.

«Hommage à La Porte» is an original recording made in honor of the composer Pierre Henry who passed away in July 2017.  The single release includes sonic tributes to the stylings of some of his recordings while also representing a solemn requiem.   The recording includes a particular nod to Henry’s influential «Variations pour une porte et un soupir» («Variations for a door and a sigh»).  «Pierre Henry was a pioneer of musique concrete, experimental, and electronic music» notes producer Troy Curtis.  «His work redefined connections between sound, art, and music and continues to inspire countless artists today.»

At the time of the passing of Pierre Henry, Emerald Suspension was working on a different tribute recording; a cover version and video of «Smelly Tongues» by avant garde artists, the Residents.  «The Residents continue to influence music history in their own way, and Emerald Suspension shares many of the sensibilities they see in their work,» described Troy Curtis.  However, that project was paused to focus on «Hommage à La Porte».  «It wasn’t clear when or if work would continue on ‘Smelly Tongues'» said Curtis.  Ironically, Emerald Suspension recently happened upon a call for entries for a forthcoming album of Residents cover songs, compelling a push to complete both projects.  As a result, Emerald Suspension is now releasing two songs honoring unique pioneers of experimental electronic music. 

«Hommage à La Porte» can be accessed online at streaming music sites for no cost.  «Smelly Tongues» can likewise be accessed online, and a music video for the cover song can be found on YouTube.  These and other songs by Emerald Suspension can also be downloaded from iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and other digital outlets.

Emerald Suspension combined stock market and economic data to make experimental music on their debut album, Playing the Market.  Their second full length album, Divination, was released in 2017.  Both releases were produced by Oscillation Productions LLC.  Additional information about Emerald Suspension can be found at http://www.EmeraldSuspension.com

For more information or other requests please contact Ray Graham or Troy Curtis at (612) 314-3666, [email protected], and/or at the following address:

Oscillation Productions LLC
13800 Nicollet Blvd #1373
Minneapolis, MN  55337-1373

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SOURCE Oscillation Productions LLC