Consumers Energy Chooses Utilimarc's BI Platform for Fleet Optimization and Electric Vehicle Initiative

MINNEAPOLIS, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- This week, Utilimarc announced a new strategic partnership with utilities giant Consumers Energy to their enterprise Business Intelligence platform. Consumers Energy was in need of additional insights and reports that all forms of end users could count on to track fleet performance and core KPIs – to ensure better service for their customers, plan for new technology adds and to ensure the optimization of their current fleet assets.

Utilimarc announces a new strategic partnership with Consumers Energy to assist in optimization of its data and fleet.

"We spent an excess of 30 hours a week collectively in manually tracking core KPIs, reporting and keeping on top of new electric vehicle data in order to build and maintain an effective fleet management strategy. Utilimarc streamlined our reporting processes, key insights and core usability metrics into a single platform, broken out into operational dashboards and executive summary reporting with automated scheduling features. They have also helped us keep tabs on electrification insights that will aid in our future electrification efforts as well as ensuring our fleet is fully optimized." – Michelle Stoimenoff, Fleet Strategy and Data Analytics Manager, Consumers Energy

The Results
Based on the need for additional insights regarding fleet performance and vehicle usage metrics, as well as additional reporting on core KPIs for different user groups, the Utilimarc team implemented it's BI Enterprise solution with Consumers Energy's data sources as well as provided them with installation quality assurance of its Geotab telematics devices for 7,500 vehicle fleet. By leading the installation project, they are able to ensure that the deployment of these devices and the data collected from them is as it should be – allowing for deeper reporting and insights for all levels of fleet management.

A main goal for Consumers Energy was to get high quality GPS data into their GIS system to successfully and more efficiently service customers – not just from a response standpoint, but also to ensure the optimization of their existing fleet.

With the integration of Utilimarc's Business Intelligence platform, Consumers Energy is able to get data insights into a single platform – resulting in accurate, holistic meter information, mileage/engine hours, safety and usage metrics in dedicated KPI reports across all of their user groups. Utilimarc is also able to integrate with their SAP system data to create custom reporting solutions – one of which being a cost-per-downtime metric, measuring just how much each unit down will cost based on the time and cost per hour. In addition, the Utilimarc platform provides Consumers Energy with electric vehicle data that helps them scale for the future with performance metrics for a fleet pursuing electrification.

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About Utilimarc
Headquartered in Minneapolis with remote teams around the world, Utilimarc is leading the industry in business intelligence solutions for enterprise fleets. They work alongside North America's highest performing fleet organizations to ensure their data is actionable and reliable to inform sustainable change. With 20 years of industry experience working with diverse data silos from the nation's largest utility fleets, Utilimarc developed their BI platform that connects and unifies fleet data sources into a single environment. The results of unifying data sources empowers their customers to have a true understanding of the daily performance and utilization of their fleet assets. For more information visit www.utilimarc.com.

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