Invenshure Launches MEKanistic Therapeutics™

Led by cancer research pioneers, MEKanistic introduces a breakthrough drug that more effectively shrinks tumors with less toxicity in preclinical trials.

MINNEAPOLIS, June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Venture studio Invenshure announces the launch of MEKanistic Therapeutics, a biotechnology company redefining precision oncology. Co-inventors and pioneers in the MEK inhibitor field, Judith Sebolt-Leopold, PhD, and Christopher Whitehead, PhD, MBA, have rationally designed a drug that blocks two, key pathways (EGFR and PI3K) used to signal cancer cell growth, with a single molecule. In preclinical studies, this first-in-class dual inhibitor shows unparalleled tumor shrinkage without the toxicity generally associated with current kinase inhibitors.

Invenshure launches MEKanistic Therapeutics, redefining precision oncology with a breakthrough drug. 

"MEKanistic is using cutting edge computational tools to not only understand how these pathways work, but also design medications that perfectly fit within those sites to inhibit the spread of cancer. We have two unique advantages. First, our lead drug's expanded therapeutic window means dramatically reduced side effects for cancer patients. Second, when it's paired with existing cancer therapies, our drug makes them much more effective," said Danny Cunagin, CEO of MEKanistic.  "We are excited to partner with Pfizer Global R&D veterans, Drs. Leopold and Whitehead, to propel this important technology forward into clinical trials." 

MEKanistic will be launching a round of funding in the coming weeks to support the translation of our lead candidate (MTX-531) towards IND approval later this year with the anticipation of initiation of Phase 1 clinical trials in early 2023. 

"MTX-531's initial application targets head and neck cancers with 900,000 cases worldwide per year. Ultimately, this drug has possible future applications for colon/rectal, esophageal, pancreatic, and some breast cancers. Our work could potentially impact millions of people each year," says Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Sebolt-Leopold.

To learn more about MEKanistic's world-class team, science, preclinical results, drug pipeline, and path to market, visit MEKanistic.com.

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