EAGAN, Minn., Oct. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — St. Teresa Medical, Inc., («STM») continuing the development of additional applications for its unique technology, presented two papers at the Annual Meeting of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons in Boston, Oct. 7-11. The papers were presented by Dr. Tim Floyd, the Chief Scientific Officer of STM, and a practicing orthopedic surgeon. 

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The St. Teresa Medical technology, in addition to its blood-clotting applications, also stops leaking spinal fluid (Cranial Spinal Fluid leaks – «CSF leaks»). Whether created intentionally or accidentally by a surgeon, persistent CSF leaks are a major clinical problem. Persistent CSF leakage can prolong surgical time, cause excessive bleeding, cause persistent headaches and neurological injury.  It can also allow infection to enter the nervous system, prolong hospitalization and can lead to complications that can result in death.

The STM technology effectively seals dural injuries in 3 minutes, 80-100% of the time, without adjunctive suture material.  Based on the pre-clinical data developed to date, this may be a solution to a vexing clinical problem.

The paper titled, «Use of a Novel Fibrin Dressing on Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks», demonstrated the technology was highly effective in stopping CSF leaks in dural injuries in the lumbar spine region. The pre-clinical subject animals were survived for 30 days, at which time the injuries were pressurized at super-physiologic pressure (200 mg/Hg) without any further CSF leakage. Histopathology did not demonstrate any residual dressing material or abnormal fibrosis. This feasibility effort determined whether or not further investigation was warranted, which it was.

The second paper presented, titled, «A Novel Fibrin Dressing Stops CSF Leaks in an Ovine Craniotomy Model», subjected the dressing to a more rigorous application, and introduced a control using sutures, which is the standard of care for closure of dural lacerations. A total of 23 injuries were made in the cranial dura of 6 sheep.  Suture controlled the leak in only 3 durotomies (13%), while the St. Teresa Medical technology controlled the leak in 20/20 injuries (100%).

About St. Teresa Medical

St. Teresa Medical, Inc.®, based in Eagan, Minnesota, is a biomedical-device company developing and commercializing a new unique dissolvable hemostatic dressing, SURGICLOT®, for use in treating cancellous bone bleeding.  SURGICLOT® is fabricated from electro-spun dextran nano- fibers infused with human-sourced fibrinogen and thrombin.  SURGICLOT® is the only blood-clotting technology with a rapidly dissolvable delivery mechanism, enhancing the body’s natural clotting mechanism.  The dextran nano-fibers dissolve within seconds in contact with bodily fluids.  Upon dissolving, the thrombin acts on the fibrinogen and converts it to fibrin, which forms a natural clot at the injury site which stops bleeding.  The St. Teresa Medical technology may also be applicable to stopping leakage of cranial spinal fluid («CSF»).

For more information, see www.StTeresaMedical.com or contact Brian Jackson, CFO at 651-789-4633.


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